Dion Research provides Data Quality Suite to Freddie Mac


Dion Research provides Data Quality Suite to Freddie Mac

Winston-Salem, NC, December 22, 2019 — This year, Dion Research provided a fully automated, easy to use, data governance suite to the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, known as Freddie Mac (FMCC). This product was specifically designed to be used by analysts and auditors to improve the auditing capabilities of the corporation. 

This is the second long term project Dion Research has conducted for Freddie Mac, with the previous one designed for Data Scientists. The first project was a success, and management commissioned Dion Research to design a system that could scale to a large number of users, with various degrees of technical skills. This required building new visualizations, simpler flows, explainers and more unsupervised machine learning capabilities and automation, along with scalability to train and deploy this beyond the initial pool of users. 

For most customers, Dion Research licenses VISU●AI preconfigured as a SaaS offering that can be deployed without customization and minimum configuration. Due to specific requirements of Freddie Mac, the product was built leveraging some of the VISU●AI technology, including some exclusive anomaly detection algorithms but required additional functionality to be built and integrated with the Freddie Mac infrastructures. The project was delivered on time and on budget.

Dion Research was founded in 2011, as a data science consulting firm, and product incubator. We have worked with customers ranging in size from well funded startups, up to very large Fortune 100 enterprises. Some of the products developed for customers include IoT black boxes for manufacturers and machine failure prediction models, to centralized logistic analytics platforms with predictive models. Our main product is VISU●AI: an AI driven Data Quality, Risk Auditing and Anomaly Detection platform with full prediction capabilities.

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